Steven Cherecwich

So who the heck is this strange guy named Steve?

You know…the one who’s obsessed with all things childish, even though he’s (*cough*) in his mid-thirties. The one who loves video games, and reading science fiction, and writing all sorts of strange things. That guy who’s also got two masters degrees, a steady job spending other peoples’ money, and a fantastic wife and two lovely daughters…?

That guy who likes to laugh, and tell stupid jokes. The one who enjoys scary movies, and let’s forget “B” movies, he prefers “C” and “D” movies. (i.e. The Troma Team are awesome) The one whose music collection consists of over 10,000 songs of every variety nature, and style known to man, just to appease his ever changing desire of what he wants *now*…. The one whose free-time hobbies consist of video game addction, writing the plot for a video game (coming out in 2010!), writing graphic novel reviews, writing a book on nutritional supplements, and has now started a new blog!

Yeah, him.

Or was that me?

I forgot. =)

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